Edition Binding

Smiths Falls Bookbinding provides fast, reasonably priced high quality hardcover edition binding services for up to 2,000 regular-sized books. We can also accommodate your custom, oversized and odd-sized books. We offer:

  • Smyth sewing for folded signatures;
  • Notched double-fanned adhesive binding for single leaf books;
  • Foil stamping – Dies (from supplied artwork) or from set type;
  • Acid-free endpapers in white or cream;
  • Decorative head and tail bands;
  • Choice of materials – buckram, cloth, genuine/imitation leather, etc.;
  • Laminating for printed covers;
  • Custom binding;
  • Leather binding; and;
  • Shrink wrapping.

To request more information, or a quote sheet, contact us via email or telephone (613) 283-1981. We’d be happy to help you. Shipping can be arranged to anywhere in Canada.